The Motley Crue bassist thinks that the ex-Van Halen singer may have gone a little bit too far in his new autobiography.

Both Nikki Sixx and Sammy Hagar have new books out on the market.  This is the Red Rockers first big book, but Nikki Sixx is no stranger to the publishing world, he is on his second solo book venture and thid big book all together. For anyone who has ready either The Heroine Diaries or The Dirt you know that Sixx, along with the rest of the Crue, don;t hold anything back.  They give you all the details about the troubles they had through the years, but they never take digs at each other personally.

This is what has Nikki so upset about Sammy's new book, Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock.  In the book, Sammy totally slams his former Van Halen band mates, and Sixx doesn't not think that is very cool:

I don’t feel I crossed any lines that, as a fan, I’d be upset with. Sammy Hagar wrote a book, and, honestly, I’m very disappointed in Sammy, and it bums me out to even want to hear Van Halen. I’m a positive fan, and I have a hard time listening to Van Halen with Sammy Hagar singing now.

I know that Hagar was probalby going for "inside information" for his fans, but maybe it was unwise to slam the people he worked so closely with.  It's bound to hurt some feelings, and if Sammy wants to work with Van Halen again ti might be hard to over come.  Though, maybe Sammy doesn't want to work with them again.