Last night, Nikki Sixx, perhaps one of the most famous bassists, fell on stage during a Motley Crue set and performance of "Shout At the Devil" in Nottingham, England. Watch the unfortunately fall after the jump.

Sixx was standing on a stage riser, and when he came down from it continued to walk on stage toward Tommy Lee, he fell on his hands and knees, causing more damage to the band's equipment than to himself, he tweeted:

Slipped and fell onstage. Fun. Smashed blood bass. Fun. Guitar cabinets blown up. Rock n roll. Nottingham. Loud.

The fall occurs around the 12-second mark:

The show continues despite the damage done, and the band continue their six-date U.K co-headlining tour with Def Leppard and Steel Panther. Maybe Sixx was just trying to fit in with the animal theme by getting on all fours?

Some of you might dislike Sixx and/or Motley Crue, but come on, no rock star wants to fall on stage, so have an ounce or two of compassion if you can. If not, then that's cool too!

What do you think of the video?