Famed band Motley Crue have been together for thirty years now, which is quite the impressive feat. It's hard to make a band last these days, and sadly, many of the bands we love won't be in existence nearly as long the Crue. The band have had an amazing run and great success. However, bassist Nikki Sixx never even thought the band would make it this far.

In a recent interview, Sixx discussed the band's run and how it might be coming to an end within the next few years:

I don't think this band was meant to last and we've lasted way longer than anyone ever expected us to. For us, it's about trying to find the right time to end it [the band] correctly. We've had that talk as a band and even in the last year or so we've spoken that at some time we're going to want to wrap this up. I feel really proud of the band but we are taking steps to finish the movie and when we do we'll look at that time. When the movie comes out, it'll be time to finish on a high note, on a positive, and not like we're breaking up. I think that's a good thing and will probably put us about at 35 years, which is a long time for a rock band which is cool. We're not sad, we're happy.

Sixx also discusses the current state of the rock bands that are out there and how there will hopefully be another Motley Crue-type band in the future:

There has to be another band like us sometime again. When we came up in the '80s, it was all boring fucking bands and boring fucking record companies, boring radio and boring press so we had nothing to lose and thought we'd crash and burn but that worked. We're in another place right now, but a lot of bands are still really fucking boring. I'm trying so hard to find new bands and bands that can play and out of all this someone is going to come up, throwing up, fighting and its going to be good for the music industry. Now we have Lady Gaga, and God bless her, as at least she is fucking different and says fuck you. It'd be great to have a rock version of her and we will. . . There are a few [promising new bands] sparkling out there. I think BLACK VEIL BRIDES are cool but I've told them they are missing one thing and they need to write 'School's Out' or 'Shout At The Devil'. They've got to write that anthem to unify everyone as everyone wants to like them but they just haven't proven themselves yet. BLACK VEIL BRIDES have good songs but they don't have THE song yet but that takes time. Some people have it but some don't.

Sixx might not be too far off with the Black Veil Brides, as a recent article featured front man Andy Biersack commenting on their success in 2011, and how he wants his band to be more like Motley Crue in the future.

What do you think of Sixx's words? Do you think Motley Crue will last much longer?