Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx took a page out of the Axl Rose rock n' roll handbook over the weekend when he dove off the stage to stop a fan from filming the Crue's performance.

It was a pretty ugly moment when Motley Crue was playing a festival in Maryland this weekend. They were in the middle of their set when Nikki Sixx spotted a man in the crowd filming the performance.  He had a few options: Signal security and have them take care of the problem; ignore it because it's not like people can't see footage of the Crue online anyway; or the more unconventional jump in and take the camera away himself.

Sixx of course chose to dive right into the crowd and attack the guy.  Security quickly intervened and the guy was tossed out.  He wasn't the only one filming though becasue one lucky fan caught the whole moment on tape and now we all get to enjoy it.  Still pretty crazy.

I'll never understand why a band cares if someone is filming their performance anyway.  Especially a band that's been around as long as the Crue. Either way, your best bet is to just put the camera away and enjoy the music.

Watch Nikki dive into the crowd:

Bonus video: The guy Nikki attacked gets escorted out