Attention fellow BttF freaks!! Remember those kickass Nike’s Marty wore in the second movie? Well, now you can add them to your sneaker collection! And what’s even better?! The video you’ll see after the jump.

As a self-proclaimed BttF fanatic, it gives me embarrassing amounts of joy to present to you the 2011 Nike MAG! It is an exact replica of the self-lacing shoes Marty dons in the second movie as part of his disguise as Marty McFly Jr – and it’s a whole four years ahead of schedule!!!

Not only are these kickass sneakers a part of movie history, but all the proceeds from sales of the 1,500 pairs will be given to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research. The sneakers are being sold on ebay, and I have no doubt bidding wars have already begun. Who wouldn’t want to look like they just stepped out of a movie from the past that takes place in the future?!

I would like to thank the geniuses behind this throwback commercial: (keep your eyes peeled for a quick cameo by Donald Fullilove - a.k.a. Goldie Wilson - behind the cash register standing next to the guy who said the self-lacing model won't be ready until 2015)

Sadly, as pointed out in the video the self-lacing aspect of the sneaker still has to be worked out, but it won’t be long until that mystery is solved leaving the drawing board wide open for that next great BttF invention to hit the shelves – hoverboard anyone??