So far in round two of the Christmas battles we have seen some pretty good domination.  A Christmas Story beat the hell out of Charlie Brown and the Grinch wiped the floor with the Muppets.  Now we have a couple Q103 listener favorites.  Nightmare Before Christmas taking on Christmas Vacation.  Who moves on?  Vote now!

So here we are in round two and Jack Skelington is set to take on Clark Griswold.  Both of them crushed their opponents in round one (Buddy The Elf, Scrooged)  and now are ready for a big fight to see who gets into the Christmas battle final four next week!

I can really see this going either way.  All of you seem to love both of these movies but which one do you love more?  The choice is yours and remember you guys are the ones voting for this battle so choose wisely!  Does the Tim Burton Nightmare compete with the National Lampoons attempt at a family holiday?  Cast your vote below!