Nico Vega's "Beast" is a song you have heard and just didn't know it. Have you seen the 'Bioshock Infinite' commercial on TV? Yes? Then you've heard the song and you're not alone. Thousands have downloaded the song just off the small sample in that commercial.

A lot of bands have recently started using the medium of providing their music to products to get it out in the world in hopes you will hear it, search them out, and purchase the music.

In some cases it works. Look at the Imagine Dragons "Radioactive", that song is in more TV commercials then I care to count and they are selling hundreds of thousands of singles every week on iTunes (and that was after the song became a hit).

It's funny how that works too. A prime example is my girlfriend, she saw the "God of War: Ascension" game commercial, found out who did the song featured in it via Soundhound, and downloaded the entire album.

Nico Vega is one of those bands that we have really been digging at Q103 since we found out who it was and where we heard the song before. "Beast" is off their "Fury Oh Fury" EP that is in stores now.