Nickelback is hitting up the capital region and Ryan Peake and his Canadian accent come on my show to make off colored innuendos.

Nickelback’s show with Bush is about a week away and I’m getting super pumped. Not only will I have a chance to stare in to Gavin Rosdale's baby blues but Q103 listeners will have a chance to Barbeque with Nickelback.

Things kind of take a left turn from the start of the interview but its entertaining none the less. Check out what Ryan has to say about BBQ and the upcoming show with Bush.

“It’s like a public water fountain, that doesn’t sound enticing to you?” -Ryan Peake

“We frequented lots of small bars when we were first starting out and you’d get all sorts of weird pickled sausage and what not…” -Ryan Peake

“the light attracts all the bugs and the fire gets ride of them… Nickel-zapper” -Ryan Peake