They call Week 13 in the NFL a mirror week because what happens this week reflects much of what will happen next week.

Like most of you i am a huge fan of the NFL.  I can't wait for Sunday to come so I can watch the game(and keep track of my fantasy players).  This Sunday was very interesting for football.

The Colts lose their 3rd in a row and it's the second game in  a row where Peyton Manning threw 4 interceptions.  Sure he is working with a cob job of a team this year, but if he is MVP material he needs to use those options a little better.  It's obvious after last nights match up between the Steelers and Ravens that the Wild Card team is coming out of that division.  Unless Indy can pick things up they will not be making it in this year.   The AFC is a monster this year and right now it looks like we will be seeing Pittsburgh winning the AFC North, my gut says the Patriots take the AFC East and the Jaguars will end up with the AFC South.   As far as the AFC West goes if the Chiefs keep winning they will take it, but Oakland could sweep in and steal it away from them, provided they continue running the ball since that's where they are strongest.  The NFC is a whole other ball game.  No stand out team, but a lot of pretty good ones.  The Eagles, Giants and Falcons look like beasts.  New Orleans is having an alright season but still has the Falcons to deal with and it doesn't look like they are losing anytime soon.  The NFC West is a complete joke.  If the playoffs were based on records none of them would make it in.  The Bears are a bit of a mystery also.  They sit at 9-3 leading the NFC North but they are barely getting by teams and if their defense gives out say goodbye to Chicago.