As we approach the big game next week between the Patriots and Gians, you may think to yourself - Damn, I'd love to live like Tom Brady.  The rings, the awards, the wife.  Well, now, you can! For a price.  A huge price.  Brady is one of a few stars unloading their mansions.

For the low, low price of 10.5 million bucks, you could own the home of Tom Brady.  According to Camille Salama, the pad is pretty lavish, "5,311-square foot condo offers 3-plus bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a master suite, luxurious kitchen and a state-of-the-art gym."

Brady isn't the only quarter back with a home on the market.  Joe Montana, the legend he chases, has a house up.  For the asking price, you may need to start penny-pinching for the next 100 years.  Salama describes Montana's homestead by stating it "sits on 500 acres of lush wine-country land with creeks, wide-open views and even a private pond stocked with fish. The grounds also include an equestrian center, a full-sized basketball court, skeet shooting range, gym, pool and spa."

How do I get to walk out back and shoot skeet? All I have to do is win four Super Bowls eh?  Is that all?

If you want to check out photos of these dream pads and read up on what other NFL stars have a home up for sale, check out the article! I wonder if the car comes with Strahan's crib?