ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that they are having secret meetings today at an undisclosed location in the D.C. area. That just sounds funny doesn’t it? They’re not planning a world war are they? It’s just football right? I think the funniest thing about the lockout is that although I wager rather large amounts of cash on these games, I really wasn’t sure about all the ins and outs of the lockout were until recently. Now that I’ve been paying attention (knowing that the NBA and NHL playoffs are almost over) it seems to me that the players are awful greedy asking for 50% of the all the revenue that comes in. I know that most of us just assume that all owners of professional sports teams are just so loaded with money that no one feels bad for them. But these guys take a lot of risks with massive amount of cash. And some owners in other sports are even ‘in the red.’ I love my Tom Brady, but I love my Robert Kraft too. ESPN has all the details on the ‘secret talks’.