As hopes of a 2011 season get closer, it looks like games may be longer and longer. In a tight game, it sure is nice when you’re team has a chance to challenge a play and get the call right. But sometimes reviews sure do slow down the game and take away momentum. A new rule for this year is that all scoring plays will be reviewed before the points go up on the scoreboard. This seems like a bit much to me. They already check everything in the last 2 minutes of every half. Why don’t they just get rid of the whole officiating crew if they’re just going to review every damn thing? If this keeps going, they’ll have move 4pm games to 5 pm as half of the time now the 1pm games bleed into the 1st quarter or 2 of the late games. This is especially tough for gamblers as it’s kind of hard to know how much money you’re going to throw down on a game, when you don’t know the results of the first one you bet on. Honestly, I don’t care what rule changes they make, as long as they start playing.