As Metallica fans can tell you, when you pop in an album from them you expect songs that have a long intro and last about 6 or 7 minutes.  The next record will reportedly contain shorter 'more to to the point' songs.

When you pop in a Metallica record you anticipate being able to listen for a couple of hours.  usually they have have long building intros, long verses and an explosive ending.  Most songs last nearly seven minutes, but the next album from the heavy metal giants will contain shorter songs, according to drummer Lars Ulrich.

Ulrich told Rolling Stone that they have about eight songs done, and they will be shorter than their usual ones.  He also added that this will be more like a heavier Black Album as opposed to the Death Magnetic being more their thrash roots.  Metallica also confirmed that they are working on a 3D movie for a 2013.  So basically there is plenty of new Metallica on the way for a while.