Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was making a stop on the campaign trail at the St. Louis zoo.  He quickly learned that he was not Dr. Doolittle, and would not be getting the penguin vote.

Add penguins to the group of living beings that aren't fans of Newt Gingrich.  While making a stop at the St. Louis zoo, he was bit by one of the penguins.  Not Newt's first time getting bit by an animal while stopping at a zoo.

He was also bit by a cougar on the chin.  You can bet that if he wasn't scared off by a cougar, Newt won't be scared off by an adorable penguin.  According to Yahoo, Gingrich is a big fan of zoo's and despite being bit, his campaign manager assures that Newt will be back at the zoo.

We're confused, because we thought that Newt Gingrich lived at the zoo normally.  You learn something new everyday.

[Via Yahoo]