By now you've heard about the two dudes out in Herkimer County who were caught, on videotape by the way, trying to get freaky with a cow, sex-tape style!? Blah! I feel like this story needs some spice to make it more attractive to the viewer. Sex-tapes are old news now-a-days anyways

Step one in making this story more appealing to you, the viewer?  Add jello and cow suicide. Period, point blank. Just banging cows for the purpose of making a sex-tape is so 1985. We need true life cow death by automobile with cops at the barn interrogating a dude covered in jello.


And before the comments come rushing in calling me a dummy. Of course the video is fake. Of course those cows didn't commit suicide by automobile. But man, how crazy would this story have been if it were? Mooooooo.