Nothing could be more terrifying then being surround by any kind of mob that is upset with you. Unless you're in your car with your wife and young child and surrounded by a mob angry with you. 

For those who have not been following the story, a man and his family were traveling on the westside highway in Manhattan when a very large group of bikers surrounded his SUV causing him to stop. Once stopped for a few minutes the man, feeling threatened, charges his way out, running a biker from Massachusetts over destroying the biker's spine.

After a brief chase, the bikers managed to slash the tires of the SUV and box the family in. From there the bikers started to smash out the windows and pulled the man out of his SUV, cutting up his face and chest in the process.

Most of us have already seen the video and know the story, but now the DA is building a case and fingers are being pointed.

One of the first men you see in the video trying to smash the windows out of the SUV, has turned himself in and will mostly not have charges brought against him. "The Break Check Biker" at this point will like be charged with reckless driving and endangering the the welfare of a child. The police are still trying to identify other bikers, but this is first time we are seeing how the authorities plan on handling this case.

The family of the man who was run over by the driver of the SUV, is upset that so far no charges have been brought against the driver of the SUV. I'm no lawyer but I can't blame the man for trying to protect his family. If the biker from Massachusetts didn't want to get run over then he should have kept going once traffic stopped. Being in range of an SUV when people you're with are in a offensive posture, got exactly what you would think would happen that situation.