Final Update Before Tonight's Party!

So King Dawes came to me and asked, "BIG Rich, you up for hosting your world famous New Years Eve party on the air again?" And I said "Your Majesty, anything for you!" Well, I'm paraphrasing of course, it was more like "Rich, New Years, DO IT!" But you get the idea. So here I am inviting you to join me on New Years Eve for commercial free relentless rock from 6pm to 2am New Years Day!

And I'm also inviting you to send in your New Years Resolutions, no matter how crazy or out of context, and I'll read them on the air. Or If you have a shout out to a friend or family member, or even some words of wisdom you learned this past year, send it on in to share with the world!

I'll also read some Top 10 Lists as this has be come tradition in our culture, as well as share some links to websites that catch my funny bone.

Conversely, if you would like to make fun of me, you can do that too, but I won't promise I'll read it on the air. So send in those emails!

UPDATE 12/24: I was talking with Rob and we're going to have a taste of some of those Top 10 A-Z lists! 3 to be exact! As it gets closer, we'll give you more details. In the mean time! Get your New Years resolutions and shout outs, in to me!

UPDATE 12/28: I was informed that the fine folks at Cafe' Hollywood on Lark St. have signed on to sponsor my Commercial Free Par-tay! I'm also curious who's putting up weird pictures for the links to this post. Just to set the record straight I have never hung from a clock in stockings or worn a weird paper mache' hat.

UPDATE 12/29: So, here's a sample of Top 10 lists I will be sharing during New Years. 1. Top 10 Internet Memes, 2. 7 Most Memorable Musician Deaths, 3. Top 10 Internet Searches on Google. Yes I know #2 is only 7, but thankfully, it was a "slow" year.

UPDATE 12/31: And so the day is finally here and the hour will soon be here as well. I'm putting the finishing touches on my party tonight, making sure the food is good, the music rocks and the booze is.... not hidden in the studio anywhere for later. Yep! NO BOOZE IN THE STUDIO! Because that is just wrong and would make Rob Dawes upset. And I DON'T want to upset Dawes. But here's a quick rundown of tonight's party activities..

  • 6pm - Let the Rock Flow!
  • 7pm  - Top 10 Internet Memes
  • 8pm - Top 10 Gun n' Roses Songs
  • 9pm - Top 7 Musicians Deaths (Yes, 7 is not 10, see above)
  • 10pm - Top 10 Songs from someone we play on Q103. Keeps ya guessing...
  • 11pm - Top 10 Google Searches
  • 12am - HAPPY NEW YEAR and we start with the Top 10 Q103 Rock songs!
  • 1am - Some shout outs and New Years Resolutions
  • 2am Go home and sleep off the booze I drank in the studio, er I mean, sleep off all this FUN!

And remember, have a Designated Driver! If you don't have one or can't find one, you can get a free taxi ride home till 2am, no questions asked! Details are over here.