I actually can't wait for this.

I was a big "X-Files" fan when the show was on TV. Recently I've been watching some episodes to rekindle my love. The first glaring problem with the "X-Files" is the lack of technology we take for granite today. It unfortunately makes it not hold up as well. Not that the writting was ever sub par, just so many situations where you go 'just take a picture with your phone!'.

I was happy to see that the very first scene of the promo was of a cell phone. Never did I think that would be something I was looking for. If you're a "X-Files" fan, this looks like it's going to be like riding a bicycle who's seat has been kept warm for you... in the least creepy way possible.

Every important character seems to have made it back. Obviously Mulder and Scully, but Skinner and the smoking man as well. The only downside right now is we have to wait for January to see it.