So remember when some restaurant chains revamped their menus and started to put the calories for every single food item in parentheses next to each choice? Well now you will start to see calorie counts everywhere- just by walking down the street or going into a store, because starting next year refreshment vending machines will also be displaying the calories of each drink right on the front. What's your opinion on this?

The next time you stop at a vending machine for a drink on-the-go, you might be faced a tough decision. Do you choose your favorite, high-calorie drink or do you go for one with less calories and less taste? If you're like me then you won't care. I stopped drinking soda in high school but if one of my favorite drinks had the most calories I really wouldn't take a second look. I never choose entrees or desserts based on calories either. I'm not the skinniest person but I refuse to limit myself just because of a few numbers. I love to eat and watching everything I put into my mouth would take the fun and satisfaction out of it. Others would disagree though and that's just fine.

Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper are teaming up to bring you the new vending machines, which will make their debut in Chicago and San Antonio municipal buildings in 2013. They will eventually make their way throughout the U.S.

The whole idea behind the machines, besides the fact that the soda industry has been increasingly in hot water over rising obesity rates, is to get people thinking more health-consciously about the choices they make, according to the article:

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Currently, people don't think about calories when they go up to a vending machine. Having the calories right on the button will help them make choices.


The American Beverage Association, which represents Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc., said the calorie counts will be on the buttons people press to select a drink. Vending machines will also feature small decals, such as Calories Count: Check Then Choose.

In addition to the displays, zero and low calorie drinks will also become more readily available in the vending machines to compensate for the sugary ones.

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