Van Halen hasn’t recorded a new album with David Lee Roth since the release of 1984. Well, they did have that “Best Of” cd with 2 new songs at the time, but that doesn’t really count.

 Eddie Van Halen said he doesn’t want to tour again without new music. Well, they’re already booking dates for an Australian tour which figures to be just one leg of a world tour. So this must mean that they’re working on some new stuff. I try not to get too excited because I remember Alex Van Halen saying that they would have a new cd called “Encore” out last summer. But hey, sometimes things take longer than we expect.

 It’s funny, as just the other night I listened to “Diver Down” start to finish (loving every second of it) and was missing how those original 6 albums had such a fun and carefree feeling to them. Sadly, some of that original fun won’t be there again as Wolfgang is still playing bass instead of Michael Anthony. That sure went down in an ugly manner.

  Did you know that VH had one of the first videos ever banned from MTV? It’s pretty cheesy, but is still fun to watch if you’re a VH fan that hasn’t seen it before.