The Deer Tick Virus, Powassan Virus, has been found in local areas such as Saratoga, Albany, Columbia and Rensselaer Counties.

If you are bitten by a Deer Tick, there is a one in twenty chance of getting the virus. Symptoms include drowsiness, lethargy, headache and even fever.

Officials have confirmed one case in Saratoga County; that case was reported back in May of this year. It is was one of sixteen cases documented thus far in the state of New York. So far only one person has been reported to die from the virus. Their death came eight months after "Severe Symptoms." According to studies on the virus, there is a ten to thirty percent chance of death when infected.

Is there a treatment? So far, no. The virus can take up to two weeks before symptoms occur and testing for it is difficult. The symptoms can begin flu-like but severe symptoms are more noticeable quickier.

With that being said, the next time you are headed to wooded areas - Use bug repellent and wear long clothing. Make sure to also thoroughly check yourself upon exiting said wooded area too to ensure there are no bugs on your persons.