According to Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, their next album is being worked on.  It will be the follow up to 2009's World Painted Blood.

According to Dave Lombardo's facebook page he is putting the finishing touches on his Philm album.  After that it looks like thrash metal fans around the world can rejoice as new Slayer will start being worked on.   The last album that Slayer put out was World Painted Blood in 2009.

The Philm album is in the mixing stage.. I can't wait for you to hear it! Looking forward to releasing it on Ipecac Recordings and doing selected shows around the world. Slayer is writing a new record. Jeff is still recovering and doing better.

-Dave Lombardo facebook

As far as an update goes on guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who contracted some bad bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis early in 2011, they say he is recovering well from several surgeries.  They suspect that he got it from a spider bite.  Frontman and bass player Tom Araya said that they won't enter the studio until he is fully recovered.