polled over 18,000 people on their sex habits, then broke down the results by region.

The result?

Men & Women in the Northeast , which includes us in New York, have the lowest sex drives in the nation yet have the most sex in the nation (how does that work out?). The most sex in the nation is actually doing the bedroom mombo once a week.

The highest sex drive was in the West with 52% saying they had a high drive, that's compared to the national average of 49%

The Midwest, which features my home state of Ohio, is having less sex then the rest of the nation at 11% having sex at least once a week.

What about the days of the week with sex? Saturday is the highest day of the week followed by Friday, then Sunday. Tuesday sees the least amount of action out of the week.

Check out the complete infograph below and see if fall into the results listed. Below the info graph is our own poll for the Capital Region, please take a second to fill it out.