With the government shutdown still going strong, even with glimmers of possible hopes for resolutions; Americans are becoming more and more dishearten with their choice of elected officials.

A new poll out shows just how "soured" our opinion is of the government and their lack of leadership. The poll was done with just over 500 registered voters it found that people would prefer other things to congress such as the following:

  • Zombies, 43% to 37% (over Congress)
  • Hemorrhoids, 53% to 41%
  • Dog poop, 47% to 41%
  • Toenail fungus, 44% to 41%
  • Witches, 46% to 32%
  • Hipsters, 42% to 22%
  • Mother-in-laws, 64% to 20%
  • IRS, 42% to 33%

Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling, who conducted the poll, commented:

We may be a divided country, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s hating Congress

No lie there!

CLICK HERE to see the full poll and it's results.