Old Spice is known for their outrageous commercials, from Terry Crews riding a tiger and his talking abs to that creepy mothers one that aired during the Super Bowl. But the latest installments has wondering WTH?

Old Spice has long advertised their line of body washes and deodorants. Well, they are now in the electric shaver business too with the 'Old Spice Wet & Dry Shaver.'

BzzAgent.com gave the product five stars in their review:

Your grandfather was tough as nails. He built things with nothing but grit and sandpaper. But we’ve seen the pictures and it looks like he groomed with the same tools he used to build those magnificent birdhouses. Unless you’re redesigning your shower, keep the chainsaw out of your bathroom. Old Spice has developed the devices you need to keep your hair looking high class. How do you know they’re right for the job? Well, they’re powered by Braun and they’re red—so you know they work. What else could you possibly need to know?

But back now to the commercial with Terry Crews. Watch it below as Terry attempts to display the shaver's awesome power only to have one of his hairs, which is a clone of himself, try to talk him about shaving. It's a sad, toughing moment between man and hair.




Here's their shaving gel commercials too.