A few new albums are hitting stores today and you are going to want to buy them up!

Finally today you can run out to your favorite music store and pick up some sweet new music.  Or you can buy it on itunes, which I think more people will be doing.  There are some cool records out today and I for one will be getting my hands on them ASAP.

The Foo Fighters are releasing their 7th studio album today.  Wasting light hits shelves and finally we'll get to hear all the new material Dave and the boys have been working on.  Wasting Light, from what I've heard of it so far, is a pretty sweet album.  The single "Rope" is on it along with "White Limo" and a boat load of other tunes that Grohl says is their heaviest material yet.  Over the weekend they performed on SNL where I got to hear the song "Walk" for the first time, and it is a great track.  The Foo Fighters last album, Echoes Silence Patience and Grace, turned into one of my favorite foo records so I hope this one does too.

Another album i can't wait to get my hands on is Who You Are by Jessie J.   She is sort of the Lady Gaga of England and is finally starting to hit big here in the states.  She first caught my attention when she performed on Saturday Night Live.  Pop music with an edge and I can appreciate that.  All part of having an eclectic taste in music.

She writes some catchy lyrics and has a bluesy voice that puts the whole thing together.  I dig her tunes, and I think you will too.  "Mamma Knows Best" is one of the tunes by her that I really like.

A few other records hitting stores today; Bob Dylan has a live one coming out. It's a recording he did at a college back in 1963, that should be a very interesting listen. Paul Simon's latest record hits stores today as well, it's called So Beautiful or So What and has a bit of a blue grass feel to it.