Coming off a massive world tour supporting their 2008's Death Magnetic, Metallica is already getting things ready for their next studio album.

Metallica has had it pretty good the last couple of years.  According to critics and fans, Death Magnetic is one of the bands best releases.  The albums supporting tour made them one of top selling acts of 2010 and they made fans around the world happy by teaming up with the rest of the Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth,Slayer,Anthrax) to headline Sonisphere last summer.  So what is next for the god fathers of thrash? According to drummer Lars Ulrich, a new album.

Death Magnetic is some of the best stuff that Metallica has put out to date.  It is right back to that aggressive sound that made head bangers such as myself love the band to begin with.  I will be curious to see what they are able to come up with next.  According to Lars the band is stronger than ever:

Previously, Metallica would hang us by the throat when we came home from a mammoth world tour, but this time it's different,therefore it does not appear to be a long time before we start work on a new album. I think we'll be ready in March and April. When the creative process reaches a boil we'll go into the studio.

-Lars Ulrich

Now not only will be seeing new stuff from Metallica, but Lars said a while back that more gigs with the Big 4 are possible for the future.  They already have one planned for this April in California.  The band is sober, happy and getting along better than ever.  I think that the next effort from them could be even better than before.