Word from the show is that once again Producer Joe will be taking to the streets and testing the patients of the elderly.

Make sure that your listening tomorrow morning to hear the latest Joe stunt.  This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

He'll be heading to one of the infamous "big box" stores to test the kindness of the elderly.  Now thats according to Free Beer, what exactly that means I'm not exactly sure.

Maybe he'll be messing around with the door greeter and cashiers or maybe he'll just be screwing with them while they shop.  Personally I love it when he goes out to harass the general public.  You know once he gets comfortable things will really get crazy.  Hopefully it turns into another gem like his "Wheel Chair A-Hole" stunt from a couple years ago.  Regradless make sure your listenign up tomorrow morning for a brand new Joe stunt on The Free Beer & Hot Wings show!