Think you have every "Accessory" there is for the iPhone? Nope, not just yet and this one can protect you too.

Yellow Jackets, based out of Baton Rouge, is the creator of the world's first iPhone case that features a mini-stun gun on the top. Packing a 650 volt, the case is supposed to be able of "halting an aggressive adult male."

The website for the product states: 'Increase your safety, increase your battery life and increase your peace of mind!' For $139.99, it better do something for my protection and even protecting my phone if I drop it for that price.

Don't worry about battery life because the case has it's own batter so your precious phone won't need charged after using it on a perp.

So far, cases for the iPhone 4S are out with the 5 expected to be out later this year. And for those who are worried about styles - the cases come in black, white, gold, or pink (because nothing says stunning like a stun gun in pink).

Think you want one? Live somewhere else then, the company cannot ship the items to several states including New York.