Just when I thought the Japanese couldn't get any stranger in their fads - Here comes the Snaggletooth look.

Yes, women there are paying several hundred dollars to make their teeth look crooked and fang-like. They say this is because it looks "childish" and men actually like it. (I wish you could see the look of confusion on my face as I am witting this).

Known as Yaeba, whichmeans 'multilayered' or 'double' tooth; Dentist in Tokyo have seen a rise in request for the procedure that basically puts non-permanent or permanent adhesive mini-fangs to canine teeth. The cost? Some doctors are charging up to $390 and even doing the procedure on middle and high school age kids as long as they have ID.

Go figure, the fad has been "all the craze" lately thanks to pop stars in Japan displaying the "fang-look" and talking about getting the procedure done.

Oh it gets better - The cost to have the the Yaeba teeth removed is the same as to having them put on!

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