Five Finger Death Punch has been auditioning bass players for a few months now trying to replace Matt Snell, who left in December.  Apparently the have found their guy.

Meet Chris Kael, the new bass player for Five Finger Death Punch.  He is the one to fill the shoes of Matt Snell, who, depending on who you ask, left the band or according to guitarist Zoltan Bathory, was fired.  Regardless as to what happened, Kael is the new guy in the band and he is ready to go.

Five Finger has been without a regular bass player for a little while now, but has continued to work on their new album.  Kael will now a be a part of that as well as Q-Ruption August 19 at SPAC.

Kael, who was a practicing musician in Kentucky, decided to relocate to Las Vegas to go into the music biz full time.  I guess that decision paid off for him.  Kael even gave a little advice to people still looking to break into the music biz.  He says:

Never give up on your dreams.  I'm living proof that with a little hard work and luck, it can pay off.