It's been a little over a year since the unfortunate passing of legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio.  It looks like he had enough unreleased material for a new album, and we'll get to hear that stuff come October.

Dio fans rejoice!  Much like Tupac, Ronnie James Dio is releasing an album after his death.  He may be best known for his solo work, stint in Black Sabbath and his wrk with Rainbow, but before all of that there was the band Elf.

In October an album comprised of songs recorded by the band in 1971 and never released will finally be available to  all of Ronnie's adoring fans.  It is set for release on October 11 and with be called Before There Was Elf..There Were Elves.  The coolest part about Elf was that the band was formed just 3 hours away from the Capital Region in Cortland, NY.  It only lasted until 1975 when Dio and most of the rest of the group joined Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow.