It's one of the most infamous cases in FBI history, and has had them chasing ghosts for nearly 40 years.  Now there is a new lead, and they are calling it their most promising yet.

We all know the story of D.B. Cooper.  He hijacked a plane and demanded a ransom of $200,000.  He got his money, and then took off in the plane again.  To avoid capture he jumped from the plane into the dense woods of the Pacific northwest, and to this day he is still at large.

According to ABC News, a woman claiming to be his niece has come forward with some key evidence that could link partial finger prints found in the 70's with a guitar strap that Marla Cooper, his niece, has turned over.  She said that after years of speculation she is now certain that the man who called him self D.B. Cooper was her uncle, Lynn Doyal Cooper.  This could be big, since the FBI hasn't had any developments in this case for over 40 years.

There are some who believe that D.B. didn't survive the jump, some would like to believe that he escaped and is a living legend.  There is some craziness to this.  They found some of the ransom money, and in 2008 they found a parachute buried in the dirt outside of Seattle.  They never did recover his body, and now with this new proof, are they closer to finding him?