According to both the Times Union and the Delaware Supply Facebook Page, a new craft beer bar is coming to the Capital Region!  There's not a whole lot of information that I could find, but apparently Delaware Supply, the new craft beer bar, is going to be located on Delaware Ave. in Albany.  I searched out their Facebook page, and as of November 20th, they posted that they officially have a license to serve alcohol and are hoping to open the first week of December.

What are your thoughts on this?  I've seen craft beer explode over the past decade, with what seems like craft beer breweries and bars popping up all over the place.  Back when I lived in Vermont, it felt like you couldn't walk a block without there being a different new brewery.  I know people that swear by the classics- Budweiser, Heineken, etc.- and people who live for craft beer.  Where do you fall?