Chevelle announced via their facebook page that they will be dropping a brand new single in October and an entire new album is on the way from them this December.

By the end of the year we will have a new album from Chevelle.  What the name of that album is, they have not said but they did say that it will be out on December 6th, with the exception of any sort of delay.  This is what the post of their facebook said:

Hey everybody. "Face to the Floor" will officially be our first single, and it will be released Oct. 10th to radio. We are also releasing the record on Dec. 6th. and we are looking forward to finally playing some new music on tour. We are working on a video concept right now and we will hopefully have it finished in a few weeks. See you all soon, back on tour starting Sunday.

This will be the bands sixth studio album and a follow up to their 2009 album Sci-Fi Crimes.   The band will also have a song on the upcoming soundtrack to the movie Underworld: Awakening which hits theaters in January.  For more on this make sure to check out