Let's be honest for a second; Out of all your "friends" on Facebook, how many are actually people you can't stand or hate? Do you keep them as "friends" just to keep tabs on them?

If you've ever wanted to know if the feeling was mutual, there's now an app for that.

HATE WITH FRIENDS is a new app that lets you log in with Facebook account. From there your friends list will be pulled up and you select which "friends" you hate. If a person that you've selected for hate also picks you via the app, a notification will pop up.

But what if you hate someone and they don't hate you back?

Nothing. The app will not send a notification to the person you selected unless they have selected you too. So you can continue to hate freely and anomalously.

The app was created as a joke and play off both Facebook and Bang With Friends. The creator of the app says he thinks this "anti-social stuff" will be the next big trend and a fun way to spoof our hyper-social society.

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