As professional wrestler I get to travel to a lot of places and I find some of these false State slogans to be spot on. A list has compiled of state mottoes which have been revised to more suite their modern day appeal. some just stating absurd laws and facts other just pointing out the obvious. Below I have listed my favorites.

Pennsylvania Welcomes You – Hope you don’t want booze on Sunday.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado –featuring almost 12% non white people.

Welcome to South Carolina – if there’s grass on the field play ball.

Welcome to New York 2% of our population is decedent from one ancient irish king

Aloha from Hawaii – 40% of the people arrested here tested positive for meth!

Welcome to Delaware no small wonders – America’s highest abortion rate – no fetus can beat us! 


Can You Think of a better Motto For New York? list it below

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