It wasn't too long ago that all Netflix subscribers got an email giving them the bad news that their rates were about to go up.  Now the LA Times is reporting that they have parted ways with Starz studios, their biggest source of streaming content.

It looks like those of us who were looking forward to a bit more streaming thanks to the new Netflix price hikes are out of luck.  Starz, the cable channel that fed them most of their streaming movies and TV, has decided to end their contract negotiations and part ways with Netflix.  So what does that mean for the Netflix subscriber?

Starz controls more than you think when it comes to Netflix.  They provide all of their original programming, not to mention the rights to new movies as well.  Starz also controls the distribution of Disney stuff and Sony pictures as well.  So this means that for the more money that we are all about to pay for Netflix starting this month, we will be getting less.

Basically Starz saw that their product was more valuable, and wanted Netflix to charge the customer more.  I applaud Netflix for standing their ground and saying no, since they already raised the rates, but now it seems like we won't be getting much out of it.  As a subscriber, I am seriously thinking about cancelling the service, which I have loved for years.