Some pretty cool things on the way for comic book dorks across the world this year.  They have cast the part of Wonder Woman for the upcoming TV series adaptation by David E. Kelley and finally a trailer for X-Men: First Class worth getting excited for.

So I have said before that I am in fact an gigantic comic book dork.  This spring and summer are loaded with movies that are going to rock the nerd world.  We are expecting greatness out of the Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern movies but one film I wasn't getting excited for was the new installment of the X-Men franchise, X-Men: First Class.   This movie will take us all the way back to the beginning of the X-Men to see how exactly things came about.  You'll see how Professor X and Magneto became enemies and also the beginnings of some of the X-Men that we all know and love.

A few weeks ago a bit of a teaser trailer was put online for the movie which basically just included a bunch of clips from the previous films with some brief footage of the new one.  It wasn't enough to get me excited to be completely honest.  part of that has to be because I had totally lost faith in the X-Men franchise after they ruined several of my favorite characters.   The new trailer however does have me very excited for this movie.  I hope that its not going to be a let down.  It looks like they are going to try and reboot with this one.  X-Men: First Class is set to hit theaters on June 3rd.

Another awesome thing to happen in the nerd world was the casting of Wonder Woman for the new TV series.  Actress Adrianne Palicki is set to be the new Wonder Woman and her alter egos Diana Prince and Diana Themyscira.  David E. Kelley is working on the project and apparently Palicki was the only actress invited to test for the part.  Lynda Carter, who played the part in the 1970's, already congratulated her taking to Twitter last night saying "Congratulations Adrianne!"  Now word yet has to when the show will premiere, Kelley says he still has work to do on the script.