Ah, the drum solo. It used to be such a special part of every concert in the 80’s and many other eras for different styles of music. At times it almost seems like a lost art now. But Dave’s bringing it back. So far this week he’s had Anton Fig, Sheila E., Roy Haynes and tonight will feature Rush’s legendary Neil Peart. I’ll bet Paul Shaffer probably had something to do with having a Canadian being the headliner for it. Hopefully they’ll add a little comedy to it and have a little Canadian banter too. Hey, I’m also proud to be a Canadian as well as an American, so I can say stuff like that.

Here’s the clip of Monday’s performance with Anton Fig. Besides being in Letterman’s house band for many years, he has also performed and recorded with too many people to list, but here’s a few… B.B. King, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Joe Satriani and most Kiss fans know that he was the drummer for Ace Frehley’s solo album too. There are even rumors that he played on some Kiss albums when they were having problems with Peter Criss. Needless to say, Anton Fig is a fabulous drummer. I can’t wait for Neil though.