After new ownership took over NBC Universal, the colorful peacock logo will be seemingly missing from now on.

A few years ago NBC and Universal teamed up. There wasn't a whole lot of change that took place when the two joined except you saw the Universal logo thrown around a little bit more.  One thing that didn't change was NBCs Peacock logo that has been around for years.  That all changed yesterday when new NBC Universal owner Com Cast came into town. They have decided to remove the peacock logo from most things and also take out the sapce between NBC Universal and make it NBCUniversal.  Com Cast wants the companies to act as one rather than on their own.

Now you'll still be seeing that familiar logo on television and the famous Universal spinning world will still be gracing the amusement park and movie studio.  The new "NBCUniversal" logo will be plastered all over corporate building, documents and other technical things, all aiming to show unity between the two media giants.  Here is a look at the new logo:

Pretty boring if you ask me.  Now I get that they want to show that everything is all peachy with the new owners coming in, but I don't think you change something as familiar as the NBC logo.  It would be like when that European business took over Budweiser a few years ago.  Could you imagine if they just decided to change that logo?  Or if Coca Cola was bought out and changed from the red and white we have seen since forever and made it green and blue. Not that changing the logo is going to affect people watching movies or TV, I'm just not one for such massive change.