The action was fantastic last night at least, and there should be more entertainment coming our way this evening.

I can't remember the last time I watched a slam-dunk contest, but last was really fun to watch! Hell, I even enjoyed watching the skills competition and 3-point contest. I think that getting Charles Barkley's thoughts on things during the event helps lure me in, but last night would have been great with or without Sir Charles. Click here to see all the highlights including the clear favorite Blake Griffin's dunk over a car. It's pretty awesome!

The All-Star weekend wraps up tonight as the East meets the West @ 7pm from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on TNT. As a handicapper, I never wager on All-Star games in any sport as they are just having fun and refuse to play any defense. Thus, you have no idea who's really motivated. But to just watch guys cut loose and see some really fun and creative play, I would say the NBA's All-Star game is the best in the business!