When I was growing up there was only two things I wanted to be more than anything. That was either a space man or a bird! This at least gets me close to one.

I often watch food network and grow very jealous of all the food critiques who get paid to eat. I think, "why not me?"I love food, someone should pay me to eat it instead of always vice versa. Well, according to Forbes.com NASA will allow someone like me to do nothing but eat food in Hawaii and get paid $5,000 for it!

Now the catch is it's only dehydrated food for astronauts. So not as glamorous as the Food Network, but have you ever had space ice cream? That stuff is delicious and zero mess! You to meet some qualifications as far as your educational background and have to live in small home with strangers for 4 months, but to travel to Hawaii for free and get paid to eat, it's not a bad deal.