Ever try to take a nap at work? Desktops don't make a comfortable pillow and nor does your arms. Heck, sleeping on a plane can be a whole ordeal in itself.

That's where the Ostrich Pillow comes in.

It's a pillow you put over your head, don't worry there's a mouth opening for breathing, and there's a place for your hands. We're not joking.

Wither you want to nap at work, the airport, or anywhere there is a hard surface the Ostrich Pillow actually makes it comfortable. Sure, it's $99. But can you put a price on a great nap?

There are three versions of the pillow

  • Regular (comes in 'Sleepy Blue,' 'Sunset Siesta,' and 'Mellow Yellow')
  • Light (more for use when sitting in a chair and leaning against a wall)
  • Junior (a smaller version of the original for younger people)

Could make the perfect gift for the traveler in your family or yourself at work or class.

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