I'm not one for lame Facebook games, but SongPop has me hooked!  An updated version of Name That Tune to play against your friends.  Not only do they have songs that we play here on the Q but there is a great genre mix in the game.  Take a look how I spend my totally awesome Friday nights.

In order to play SongPop,  you download the ap on Facebook and then choose your opponent by selecting "create game."   After, you choose a genre to play.  Personally, I like "90's Alternative" as you can hear anything from Pearl Jam to Nirvana and Oasis.  A clip of a song will then play and you have to select the song title or the artist - the game tends to change up the answers on you to keep you on your toes.  The computer will keep track of how quickly you answer correctly.  Fastest to guess is the champ!  You can earn fake little coins that allow you to unlock new genres as well.   Welcome to my Friday nights  - I live the dream.

Who wants to play against ol' Monte!?