It's hotter than a naked mans penis grinding all over the pavement out there, fo-real! Think about this for a second. You're out on Central Ave. taking a stroll on this 90 degree day, you know, cause it may be too hot in your house. Anyway, you're taking your walk when out of no where you see a naked man. Like, full grown male human being in his birthday suit getting ready to exercise in broad daylight. Wait, what?

I have no idea where this video is from and could frankly care less. What I do care about is this man's junk grinding the pavement as he does a few push-ups. Poor SOB!

Again I ask- imagine walking down Central Ave. and seeing a full grown male rubbing his 'billy goat' all over the hot black asphalt? What would you do? Offer to help? Suggest a gym? Tell him to put a towel down around the area his little head touches the pavement? What would you do? You know what I would do- I'd ask that fool where he got his stash cause that has to be some good ish. Real good ish!