The guys on Discovery Channels Mythbusters do some pretty remarkable things, but even for experts things can go terribly wrong. They learned that when they accidentally fired a cannon ball through a couple home.

Imagine you are laying in bed and hear a cannon ball whiz past your head.  For this couple it wasn't a work of their imagination, because it actually happened to them.  The Mythbusters crew performs their experiments outside of the San Francisco area near Dublin, California.  You can tell by watching the show that they are pretty far from civilization, but apparently not far enough.

According to San Francisco's ABC 7 news, they were performing an experiment that involved cannon balls and how effective other things that could be fired out of a cannon, but of course that also meant firing a cannon ball.  Those things are for sure powerful.  It ripped through a concrete wall, bounced over a hill through the couples bedroom, went out the wall and hit another house on the roof.  Luckily no one was hurt.

For now the show has been put on hold while they investigate what happened with the misfire.