Footage of a strange object flying next to an aircraft in Japan recently surfaced and than vanished. People are calling the strange glowing object outside the plane a possible UFO.

The UFO was apparently videotaped by someone from inside a private plane over the Chiba Prefecture Japan region outside of Tokyo. No date of the sighting has been given, even though it's presumed to have occurred at the end of July, when stories began circulating about it…And then, as quickly as the video was posted to YouTube, the viewing settings were suddenly changed from public to private, with no reasons given. – HP

Was this an actual video of a UFO? Was this leaked footage of a secret government air craft? Why was the video suddenly removed from YouTube soon after it was posted?

I’m going to lean towards this is an actual UFO based on one fact. If I know Aliens as well as I think I know Aliens, they hate to have candied videos of them posted online. This is why it was removed using their secret alien video removal powers.