With Godsmack being the headliner for our Q-Ruption, let's rip through my top 5 from Sully and boys. A hundred to one says you'll never guess what my favorite one is!

# 5) Let's go with the very first very single Whatever, although being from NH I heard a lot of Godsmacks first cd long before most of the country. Technically I believe WAAF used to play Keep Away before this one. But for most of the world, this was the first Godsmack song heard.
#4) Well, you'll certainly never hear me complain about anyone paying homage to the 'All-mighty and Power Led Zeppelin'.
#3) is Voodoo for me. I love this one because it was the first one that gave us a completely different feel from Godsmack. Btw, if you're in a dark lit bar with a juke box, this one always hits the spot.
#2) I don't care if this is about Nikki Sixx or anyone else for that matter... It just rocks!
Mrozek's #1) Touche - Not only is this an incredibly catchy tune with some great harmonies, but I love the line "I only can do for you, what you do for me". That is true fairness and a great baseline for any relationship, whether it be lovers, friends, co-workers or whatever. Never ask someone to do something that you wouldn't be willing to do for them.

Check out all of the details for Q-Ruption 2011 and we'll see you in August.