Oh man, I love this guy. Whenever he comes by he’s always as happy as can be and ready to rock. Even when he just has his acoustic, this guy brings it every time.

 So after John Cooper performed "It's Not Me, It's You" for us, I said my biggest catch phrase “Yeahguy”. And John looked up and said “Yeahguy… I remember that!” I later mentioned that it would be a great if he yelled it out on stage and he said alright. Now, this was hours before he took the stage so I couldn’t blame him if he forgot but was hoping for the best.

 So just before they went on I saw Skillet’s rep from Atlantic Records and he said that he just spoke with John and reminded him. Sure enough, after a few songs Cooper had a little rap with the audience and said “Yeahguy!” Thanks for coming thru and making my day John. You rock! And I wish Skillet continued success.

Btw, if anyone has any video footage of John saying "Yeahguy", I would if you could send it to me.